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Our range of Stealth Phones is extremely diverse and has been designed to meet a wide variety of Law Enforcement needs. To save you the time and hassle of familiarising yourself with all the different devices and their features, we have developed this tool to focus on your individual requirements. Please answer all the questions according to the requirements you have. Based on your information, we will recommend the best Stealth Phone for you.

Product Guide XCell Stealth Phones


Choosing a Stealth Phone means understanding the subtle differences between the various models. To make this process easier, we have categorised Stealth Phones according to their hardware-based 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technology. 

2G – 3G – 4G – 5G – Why is the network technology important? Quite simply, the technology of each Stealth Phone determines the basic capabilities and limitations of the device, as well as ensuring compatibility within the country in which you intend to use it. Important: Please check if 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G is supported in your country. 

Does the technology interfere with our special functions? No, not at all. All of our special functions do not require any certain technology because they do not require a data connection (do not need the Internet). Even our secure messaging application (XCrypt MLSP) does not require a data connection. The data connection (via 3G, 4G and 5G) is only needed for 3rd party applications such as Whatsapp, Threema, Telegram, etc. to link the phone to its servers using the Internet. If no 3rd party apps are required, you can use any Stealth Phone with the internet disabled.

Clarify differences between phones within a technology. If a feature is restricted or discriminates between 2 models, a question will appear. If there is no question, the feature is either included or does not discriminate between Stealth Phones. This guide will help you get started, but please check the product page for detailed information on all the special functions of your recommended Stealth Phone, or contact us and we will be happy to help.

Are you ready to find the Stealth Phone that is best suited to your needs? Let’s start the process together and make sure your security is guaranteed.

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Select your required mobile network technology

2G (GSM): Used mainly for calling and texting.

: Provides basic internet and app use. 2G included.

4G (LTE)
: High-speed Internet access for apps. 3G and 2G included.

5G: Ultra high-speed internet with the fastest data speeds. 4G, 3G and 2G included.

For the latest information on which technologies are supported in your country, contact your mobile operator. Alternatively, you can visit and https://willmyphonework.netPlease note that the information provided on external links may not be up to date.





Do you require SMS?



Do you require encrypted SMS?

Encryption is embedded in the device and does not require an internet or data connection. True end-to-end encryption.
Please Note: You need the same device twice – once for encryption and once for decryption.



Do you require to change SIM identity?

The IMSI is unique to each SIM card worldwide and is a means of user identification.
You can change the IMSI number stored in the SIM card using our IMSI change function.



Do you need features to avoid interception?

Interception detection features are available on all Stealth Phones.
To avoid interception, the Stealth Phone must also be equipped with both offensive and defensive security features.



Do you need to install any applications on your own?

No: We will install up to 5 apps for you. Apps will be scanned for backdoors and security patched if necessary. No self-downloads and installs allowed.
Yes: The user is free to download, install and uninstall applications.



Are you specifically seeking out
the most secure phone available?

No: Phone is designed for everyday use with all Google services enabled, combining the performance of a premium cell phone with the security and privacy of our firmware and software. Users can securely install and update apps from the Google Play Store.
Yes: The most secure phone available being a 100% de-Googled device. No apps can be installed by the user. No Android updates and no app updates are possible. Can also be used as an everyday phone by those who don’t need Google services and require the highest level of security and total privacy. Note: The device is equipped with 4G.



Security guaranteed

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