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Compare with:
XCell Basic v2 XCell Advanced XCell Crypt XCell Basic v3 Regular XCell Basic v3 Advanced XCell Dynamic IMEI v3.1 XCell Dynamic IMEI v4 XCrypt XCell Pro XStealth Lite XStealth X-ONE
IMEI Change (auto)
IMEI Change (manual)
IMSI Change (auto)
IMSI Change (manual)
Channel Lock
Hunting Mode
Anti Interception Mode
Security Suite
No Call Log
Discrete Call Recording
Location Tracking Monitoring
Real Location Spoofing
Call Interception Alert
SMS Interception Alert
SS7 Interception Alert
Location Tracking Alert
SS7 Location Tracking Alert
Location Update Request (LUR) Alert
LAC Change Alert
Ki Extraction Alert
Network Scan
A5 Tracer
TMSI Monitoring
Instant Interception Check
C1/C2 Monitoring
Encrypted SMS
Encrypted IM
Tamper Resistant OS
No OTA Updates
WiFi Firewall
Bluetooth Firewall
Virus Free
Encrypted Bootloader
Encrypted and Signed Firmware
Microphone Lock
Camera Lock
Self-Destruct Motherboard
Forensic Proof
Tamper Resistant Hardware
Tamper Resistant Battery
Immune to Spy Call
Immune to Silent SMS
Immune to Silent Call
Security Audit
Hardware Nokia 6303 Nokia E51 Nokia E51 Nokia 3310 2017 Nokia 3301 2017 Samsung G608 Samsung G608 Samsung G608 Samsung G608 custom made custom made Nokia 8000
Technology 2G 2G/3G 2G/3G 2G/3G 2G/3G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G/3G 2G/3G 2G/3G/4G
Price (Euro)
On demand/removable. Please contact us before placing the order.
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Frequently asked questions

What makes XCell Stealth Phones so special?

Our solutions are targeted against abusive governments and unscrupulous spy companies, providing the highest level of security available on the market.

Will a Stealth Phone work in my country?

Please compare the technologies used in your country (2G/3G/4G) with the desired Stealth Phone, or contact us. We will be happy to help you.

What is a Stealth Phone? Is it an App or a Device?

A Stealth Phone is a full modified cell phone that has special capabilities to detect and block phone surveillance and tracking attempts.

Do you have a user manual?

Yes, you don't need any previous experience to use a Stealth Phone. Our English user manual is an essential part of our product experience, giving you a deeper understanding.

Why should I use a Stealth Phone?

While the rest of the market goes one way with text and voice encryption, we go another way, to the core of the problems. We fight interception by exploiting the same network vulnerabilities that IMSI Catcher and GSM Interceptor use. XCell Stealth Phones are the only ones that can effectively defend themselves against mobile interception using both defensive and offensive security methods.

What is your security concept?

Instead of blindly encrypting all communications, we offer the user the unique ability to detect interception and know how long it is active. We strongly believe that knowing when and for how long your phone is being intercepted is a huge advantage over encryption solutions because you and only you can control the information and thus change your daily habits. Our security extends far beyond your Stealth Phone into your daily life.