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Google Smartphone

DeGoogled Android​

We know you all want to get rid of Google apps on your Android smartphone. But can you really get rid of them? And is it really good for your privacy and security? We don’t think so. Read more

Cell phones that can’t be tracked?

The ability to hide your current location by showing your location elsewhere. Learn the difference between the real thing and unnecessary VPN apps. Find out more

Anonymous SIM Scams

Beware Anonymous SIM Scams

Protected SIM cards? Empty promises of benefits that are in fact useless and do not protect you from interception. Read the full article


Revolte attack

This attack allows an attacker to break the encryption of VoLTE voice calls and spy on the calls being targeted. Read the full article

phone number spoofing

Phone number spoofing

What is the point of changing your phone number and, more importantly, what protection does it give you? Is this the right way to protect yourself? Read this article

Untraceable cell phones?

Have you got an untraceable phone? We’ll help you test it! Do you really want to protect yourself? Read this article

When encryption is not enough

There are times when you need to be able to use a mobile phone without anyone intercepting your calls and texts, including government agencies.