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Published on July 19, 2021

PEGASUS -Tactical WIFI Interception

Since 2015, when Google released the latest version of AOSP, Android-5.1.1_r5, and in it you can find the code to support Wi-Fi calling, WiFi hacking has become a piece of cake for hackers. There are tons of free guides, apps, and executables on the Internet and the dark web that make mobile Wi-Fi hacking possible in minutes. Even Alibaba.com and Wish.com are overflowing with cheap WiFi hacking devices: for as little as 30 USD, anyone can buy a WiFi hacking device.

However, it is not only Android devices that are affected: Government devices that can perform WiFi interception on any cell phone are firmly in the market, allowing government actors to not only intercept regular, VOIP, IMS, and WiFi calls, but also extract any sensitive data from a cell phone with WiFi turned on.

Through Payload Injection, Pegasus can obtain:

  • Native & VOIP recordings.
  • Recording of IM content (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, etc. and on request).
  • Environment recording.
  • Remote camera.
  • File manager access.
  • GPS locations and history.
  • GPS geofencing.
  • Photos.
  • Contact list.
  • SMS.
  • Call and VoIP logs.
  • Installed apps.
  • Custom alerts.
Are your “encrypted” calls, secure? Or encrypted messaging? Not at all, not even from hackers, let alone government actors. Voice calls and messages are intercepted in plain language and plain text just before encryption. It’s that simple.

PEGASUS Tactical WIFI Interceptor

What can you do?

Well, choices are few. Very few.

If you’re a fan of encrypting voice calls and encrypted messages, there’s nothing you can do: you should leave your phone at home and start communicating via pigeons or through smoke, like the ancient Native Americans did. Because either way, big brother will get all your sensitive data that you have stored – bad idea – on your phone from you. How can this happen? Through government-grade spyware, which doesn’t necessarily have to enter via WiFi.

Or, if you really want to connect to the Internet, you can use XStealth, which comes with a built-in WiFi protection feature.

WIFI Firewall


WiFi Channel Lock

For most XCell Stealth Phones, a simple but reliable solution was applied: WiFi connection has been removed. There is no possibility to use WiFi, which eliminates the need for WiFi protection. In this way, we get 100% security.

Android Ultra Secure Stealth Phones comes with a built-in solution for WiFi security: the phone automatically scans available WiFi networks and does not show those that use SSID tampering by using the Channel Lock feature.

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