Privacy & Security

Voice changer

does it really protect you?

At first glance, it looks like voice switching can be easily implemented on a cell phone, but real-time voice switching requires powerful chipsets that cell phones usually do not have. For this reason, all voice switching services or applications use external servers or external devices connected to a cell phone. Therefore, there is no real security for the phone user.

A voice changer is not really necessary when it comes to phone surveillance by law enforcement agencies: they know exactly your identity, location, call and message history, voice content of your calls and text content of your messages, etc. A voice changer gives you a false sense of security unless you intend to use it for a prank. In the last three years, interception systems that use the voice recognition function for automatic destination recognition and call recording have stopped being used as a primary filtering tool because the sample voice (needed for voice recognition) sounds different from phone to phone due to differences in hardware functions. This results in an undesirably high rate of false alarms.

Based on customer request and if we are sure that the customer fully understands all the security risks they are taking, a language change app can be installed on XStealth Lite and XStealth.