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Published on November 05, 2021

The first 4G Stealth Phone

Attacking and disabling a GSM Interceptor / IMSI Catcher over the air by using a special Stealth Phone has became reality since 2016, when our XStealth Military Version and later XCell Battle Station was rolled out as custom made products.

Finally your waiting has reach an end. Now, this revolutionary and unique special function is available for anyone that value privacy and security. X-ONE Stealth Phone is now released.

XTerminator, the special function that allow OTA attacks against IMSI Catchers will come preinstalled by default.

IMSI Catcher attack XTerminator

X-ONE has been developed as primary telecommunication device for field operatives during abroad covert operations. Corporate and personal use is also predictable, since nowadays hackers and other entities are having more and more access to interception systems, not to mention illegal (warantless) call interception made by various state actors and abusive govt.

Beside usual alerts as Call Interception Alert, SMS Interception Alert and Location Tracking Alert, X-ONE allow user to launch targeted attacks over the air (OTA) against IMSI Catchers / GSM Interceptors, the phone remaining in the same time out of IMSI Catchers reach. Highly sophisticated yet easy to use, effective and deadly, our newest release is a weaponized cell phone that can be successfully used against active and semi active mobile interception systems.

XTerminator targets IMSI Catcher

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